Monday 19 July 2010

मिथिला समाद आबे बाला ३१ अगस्त २०१० दू वर्षक पूर्ति करत जाही मे अपनेक सब मैथिल के स्वागत आ अभिनन्दन ! ! ! !

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Monday 11 January 2010

मिथिला समाद-The Only Maithili Daily

MITHILA SAMAD: The Only Maithili Daily
:Tara kant Jha
Page: 6 (size like any other Hindi Paper, not the smaller foreign English Tabloids)
Price: Rs.2/-
The tentative 3 month subscription is Rs.180/-+180/-(postage)=Rs.360/- (inside India).
Annual subscription: Rs.675/- The foreign subscription and India six-month/ 1 year and 3 months subscription rates would be intimated in due course.


Phone: (
033) 2223-0651 & 2236-1572 Fax-(033) 2223-0651
Publisher: Sh.Rajendra Narayan Vajpeyi,
Tarakant Jha.C/o 32, Metcalfe Street, Kolkata-13.M.os can be sent to this address.The subscription can also be remitted in bank a/c, the bank a/c will be intimated in due course.

MITHILA SAMAD-Third Maithili Daily subscription finalised by post (three months Inside India)

Rs.180/ + Rs180(postage)= Rs.360/- (Three months by post), Annual subscription:Rs.675/-

Amount may be deposited to BANK OF INDIA, Mission Road Branch, Kolkata

A/c No. 401420110000152

The foreign subscription will be intimated in due course. After obtaining Registration the postage charges will also get reduced and after three months the revised reduced subscription rate will be intimated.

If a city wants 500+ copies then By Air service can also be started.

Advertisement tariff:

Display: Blach & white: Rs.200/- per column cm

Colour: Rs.260/- per column cm

classified(matrimonial): Rs.50/- per insertion (max 5 lines) Box Number: Rs.20/-

Specila positionsFront page:100% extra


page & position: 50% extra



Phone: (033) 2223-0651 & 2236-1572 Fax-(033) 2223-0651

Publisher: Rajendra Narayan Vajpeyi, 32, Metcalfe Street, Kolkata-13.